Deconstructed jackets, flowing coats and garment-dyed suits

Boglioli is a family ­run tailoring company based in Gambara, in the Brescia region of Italy. Starting off in the early 1900’s as a simple tailor shop, the brand has transcended it’s humble origins to become a significant reference point in the contemporary fashion world. Today Boglioli remains true to its roots and continues to produce their garments at the same premises in Gambara, that they have occupied since 1974. Prizing quality of material and manufacturing above all else, Boglioli tailoring is distinct in its handmade appearance and self­-evident quality. Boglioli champions meticulous craftsmanship and cutting­ edge technology to cleverly produce enduring style that is both creative and simple. The premium brand’s signature aesthetic is lightweight structures with a neat and masculine finish. Boglioli jackets at Khaki’s precise tailored elements and heritage patterns that add to the polished charm of their mens jackets.