Finamore shirts are characterized by traditional and manual workmanship which makes them unique and exclusive. It’s an experience to watch the threads being interlaced when the buttonholes are sewn. This is what makes the Neapolitan product stand out from the way fashionable and innovative shirt made in the finest quality fabrics, giving it unique appeal of doing certain operations which is envied all over the world. A Finamore shirt is a that goes side by side with the so­called casual shirt. Finamore shirts are still sewn according to past rules when sewing machines did not exist and when buttonholes and the “ travettino” on the sleeve were hand sewn to give the right reinforcement in the more delicate points. The collar is attached by hand to give the shirt the right shape when worn. Special “creases” on the hand stitched sleeve are an added, a specialty of the hand­made article, in hopes of that perfect fit. The third generation of family entrepreneurs have been able to raise the level of quality even more because they manage to mix and transform a classic product into a revisited one. It’s a challenge which given the company considerable satisfaction.