blending sartorial imprinting & innovative treatments

Incotex was created in Venice, 1951, and has since been a big reason why the trouser is a true staple in our wardrobe. Pioneers of smart casual, the direct result from blending sartorial imprinting, innovative treatments and cutting-edge workmanship. Its hallmark is its versatile and ever-impeccable fit. Exclusive fabrics are made of fine fibers such as cotton, wool or linen and treated, washed and dyed with state-of-the-art techniques developed through continuous experimentation. Carefully designed details, impeccable fit and fabric quality will stand the test of time, without falling into the trap of a passing trend. For over sixty years, Incotex and the Slowear group have been devoting their passion, research and energies to creating garments that are not only beautiful, but also durable and reliable. A Venetian family that has grown over the generations by building on solid roots, constant innovation, and threading together the legacy of a past based on meticulous attention to detail with the creativity needed to succeed in the future.