Your Next Leather Jacket Is By Khakis Carmel

Cool. Plain and Simple.

There’s no garment cooler than a leather jacket. Period. It’s one of those items of clothing that once you put it on, you immediately feel different. You feel good. You look good.

But not every leather jacket out there is right for you. You have to consider the cut, the style, the fit, and especially, the quality of leather.

Jim Ockert, proprietor at Khakis Carmel, has looked for unique styling combined with the quality and elegance of made in Italy. A great leather jacket is designed to last a lifetime, and these Gimo’s jackets made exclusively for Khakis of Carmel have the craftsmanship to last forever and the character to elevate your style.

Classic Jackets For All-Year Round

Each jacket carries its own personality to match your own. Want to sport a leather jacket in the summer? The perforated and half-lined jacket works as a cool anytime outerwear piece.

For the colder months, Khakis goes for a heavier cloth-lined piece for comfortable warmth without breaking a sweat. It’s a go-to jacket for walking around town after dinner.

And let’s not forget the essential ingredient: the leather. These jackets come in hand-burnished Italian leather and African lambskin. The Italian leather is your traditional tough and rugged leather, while African lambskin is softer, modern and lightweight (perfect for any season).

If you’ve seen our storefront mannequins, you know we wouldn’t offer these leather jackets without an extra burst of color. Amidst the rich colors of chocolate, tobacco and espresso you’ll also find the extra-striking French blue leather jacket with a unique light blue contrast stitching.

A Lifetime Investment In Style

A quality leather jacket is one of the biggest investments a guy will make for his wardrobe. It should last a lifetime, and even be handed down as a family heirloom.

Jim’s eye for detail continues to be well recognized by customers of Khakis. And these jackets proof with quality craftsmanship, a lifelong build, and undeniable coolness.