designed creatively and crafted with love and care

Naoki Nakagawa, Nacky is his friends, is a unique Japanese artist. He is one of a few individuals in the world able to produce a pair of spectacles from design to delivery. At the age of 18 Nacky started working as a salesperson for optician, but not find any pairs that he really wanted to wear and so he made the decision to start training to be a truly spectacles artisan in Fukui, the home of eye glasses in Japan. In 2004, after 8 years of working and building a base of knowledge in manufacturing, designing and retail, Nackymade was born. Nackymade is all about glasses that fit well, are designed creatively and crafted with love and care. Nacky respects the traditional way of making spectacles using the best materials such as Japanese plastic acetate and European antiques, creates new and interesting designs and develops his own materials.