Let’s cut to the point

It’s no-spin time! Look, these pants aren’t going to change the world, but they are super comfortable and you’re going to look damn good in them.

Let’s throw the marketing speak out the door for a minute. What are you here for? You need a comfortable pair of dress pants. Trousers that are going to move you through countless evening parties, dinners and extra-special date nights. Well, here they are—soft as a cloud and ready to wear.

Now maybe you’re wondering, “What’s with this no-spin approach? Is there nothing remarkable about these pants?”

Not exactly…

We’re going to be frank here

Sure, we could tell you that the contrasting belt loop on the back will catch the longing eye of your lover. Or that it will save your life in some perilous situation involving beltloop thieves. But that’s kind of ridiculous. Honestly, we just think it looks really cool.

How about the refined, two-piece curtained waist band? Well there’s a lot going on under the hood here, but let’s keep it straight. The oxford dress shirt fabric elegantly hides and protects the inner seam work. It also reinforces the waistband so that these trousers fit right and stay put.

It doesn’t take a million-dollar marketing campaign to explain the importance of good-looking, well- fitting pants that stay in place. 

So, what can I wear with these?

Whatever the hell you want! Seriously, these pants are great for any season. Try a blazer, a soft coat or lightweight summer outerwear.

You’ve got options here. Pick your preference between the modern (slim-but- not-too- slim) or classic (slightly roomier) cut, then choose your flavor from a selection of charcoal, oxford gray, navy and taupe.

The bottom line

Alright, do you want to know why we really love these pants? Because they are ours. And we made them with our own details to look and feel just the way we wanted. And because we have a pretty good eye for these kinds of things, we know you’re going to love them too. That’s why they’ve got the J.Lawrence label!

Take it from Jim, “We like to create our own pants, with our own details at a really great price.”