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A Respected Wardrobe Staple

J. Lawrence Dress Pants Like the perfect t-shirt, a well-tuned dress pant is a closet staple. Once you find the right pair, you will never have to search again. J. Lawrence sought out to make the perfect pair of trousers with a comfortable fit, quality construction, and luxurious feel. But more than just a great basic, the sophisticated details make these pants something truly unique.

An Everyday Garment with Luxury Details

The back belt loop is made in a contrasting fabric, so that from the back of the trousers, you know you’re seeing something different. It’s a detail that is sure to add a touch of personality to any outfit. On the inside, J. Lawrence pants feature a refined, two-piece curtained waistband to hide and protect the inner seam work. Oxford dress shirt fabric reinforces the waistband so that these trousers fit well and stay in place. Pants stay put and shirts stay tucked in.

Pants for all Year Round

A dress pant that you can build into any outfit. All year. Try a blazer, a soft coat, or lightweight summer outerwear. J. Lawrence trousers are made in a slim Modern cut, and a slightly roomier Classic cut. For color, they come in a selection of charcoal, oxford gray, navy, and taupe. Between two fits and four colors, there’s always a right combination for comfort and style. At heart, these trousers are simple. Take it from Jim, “We like to create our own pants, with our own details at a really great price.”