Edward Green Cowes Burnt Pine Antique

Edward Green Cowes Burnt Pine Antique

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The Cowes model is a classic short u-wing blucher, constructed in a burnt pine antique.


-standard E width

-888 last, chiselled semi square toe


-beveled waist

-ramshead medallion

-goodyear welted

-soles tanned for 9 months

-hand burnished toe & heel

-cedar shoe trees included

-entirely handmade in northampton, england

Edward Green was a man with a singular passion for shoes. Starting in the industry at twelve years old as an apprentice, he was driven by an ambition to make a better class of shoe. Establishing his workshop in northampton in 1890, he gathered around him the towns most illustrious craftsmen, each an expert in their respective field, and sourcing only the best materials. Today the company is still based out of northampton with skilled artisans producing shoes weekly. Edward Green continues to strive to make the best shoes possible but always taking the time needed to ensure that each pair of shoes is fit to bear the founders name and dress another generation of men who appreciate the difference.

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